15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Huge or local business information is crucial to running contemporary ventures. However there is a lot of it available, with over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced on a daily basis.

That is why firms are progressively relying on information evaluation and also organization knowledge devices like SAS to assist them understand all of it.

Besides removing and also examining the information itself, a core component of making use of these devices is information visualization by means of control panels. It enables experts to connect intricate data details in a straightforward and also easily accessible fashion, despite their analytics proficiency.

There are various SAS control panel designs to develop, relying on the information and also the tale you intend to inform. It suggests you can be innovative and also customize your layouts to every target market.

In this article, I will certainly be talking about 15 excellent SAS control panel instances. Do not hesitate to use any one of them or utilize them as a beginning factor for your following visualization task.

Finest SAS Control Panel Instances

1. Games Report Dashboard

This instance is for a computer game business that creates several video games in various categories. It takes a look at just how the business’s items throughout numerous categories affect earnings.

The control panel additionally reveals the connection in between the crucial function of a video game and also the quantity made in earnings from it.

As is, the control panel is custom-made for a video game business. Still, the visualization style relates to any kind of organization that intends to track numerous items.

What This Control Panel Does

With this Gamings report control panel, you can track and also remove understandings concerning:

  • The most significant earnings chauffeur for the business by contrasting the average earnings per style.
  • A bar chart to picture a comparable connection in between revenue and also course.
  • A Scatter Story that contrasts the doubter score of each ready each style and also their earnings.
  • Accessibility to added evaluation contrasting video games by systems, nations, and also setting of having fun.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

Right here are a number of reasons that this is a wonderful control panel:

  • It is a straightforward yet detailed method of imagining information.
  • Making use of huge strong numbers incorporated with various graphes makes it eye-catching and also simple to understand.

2. Pandemic Tracking Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

A lot of the globe would love to listen to the last of COVID-19, yet there is no refuting it brought us some good ideas. They consist of remote job, lowered carbon impact, and also trendy SAS control panels such as this one.

It is a beautiful-looking control panel that makes use of several visualization aspects and also personalization assistance readily available on SAS.

The control panel tracks the nations leading the variety of brand-new situations, validated situations, and also fatalities. Researchers and also routine individuals alike can utilize it to see the uptick in situations and also COVID-19 targets worldwide.

While COVID-19 will at some point discolor right into the history, you can still utilize this control panel to track various other international information factors.

What This Control Panel Does

Utilizing this control panel, you can picture information such as:

  • 3 tables for the leading entities in a group, in this instance, validated situations, fatalities, and also brand-new situations
  • A map revealing international warm areas and also untouched locations
  • Bar chart to reveal the pattern in situations over a long time

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Uncomplicated to catch and also assess international factors
  • Has a reduced obstacle of entrance. Almost any individual can translate it.

3. Global Sales Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

There are many reproduced information indicate take into consideration for services with a visibility in numerous nations. This control panel is a structured method for organization execs to track the whole company’s monetary efficiency on one web page.

The control panel reveals the quantity of sales the plaything business is making everyday per nation. It additionally tracks various other information like the sales per item and also the overall variety of orders.

Ultimately, it sets the monetary details with client fulfillment for the viewers to observe just how one is influencing the various other.

You do not need to be a global organization to utilize this control panel either. Experts can utilize it to picture any kind of information that has the very same information factors throughout numerous entities with multi-year documents.

What This Control Panel Does

There is a lot organization understanding you can obtain with this control panel. For instance, you can:

  • Review bench chart to see which items are driving earnings.
  • Sight the pie graph to find the nations with the biggest client base and also patterns with time.
  • See just how sales are trending daily from nation to nation.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Aids item marketing professionals and also execs comprehend their client base and also item schedule much better.
  • Has numerous subpages for thorough evaluation.

4. TSA Claims Study Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Research studies and also studies offer useful understanding right into human habits. Regrettably, for lots of people, they are unreadable due to the fact that they have a great deal of technological lingo.

This control panel takes that lingo and also changes it right into easy to understand and also intriguing graphes.

Cosmetically, it is not one of the most attractive control panel. Still, it offsets it by loading a lot of details right into one web page. On one display, you can discover significant searchings for from the research study.

It additionally has a dull style that can match most sort of information throughout various sectors. Merely plug in the information, and also the control panel awaits a target market.

What This Control Panel Does

There is a lot details on the web page you can discover a whole lot without a deep study every one. You offer information like:

  • Distilling significant information factors right into private charts and also graphes.
  • Describing added information.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Conveniently condense information factors from big researches right into an understandable kind– done in one area.

5. Volcanic Eruptions Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Attempt this SAS control panel if you desire enjoyable visualizations to experiment or picture uncommon international occasions.

Its main visualization component is a map, together with a bar graph and also contextual messages. It is a wonderful instance of involving control panels. The control panel regulates adequate rate of interest in the beginning glimpse to oblige a drill down right into each information factor by the viewers.

This instance is excellent for providing world-spanning truths to a target market or recording worldwide places for a service on a particular web page.

What This Control Panel Does

The main objective of this control panel is to reveal the places of entities with comparable qualities, in this instance, volcanos. It has:

  • Nations and also their volcano eruptions
  • Amusing truths concerning volcanoes and also eruptions
  • Thorough factoids concerning each volcano

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • You can reveal your imagination with shade mixes and also textual web content.
  • The multi-layered style enables you to place world-spanning truths onto one web page.

6. Santa’s Performance Management

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

A person made this amusing control panel as component of a vacation difficulty. While it will not assist you track Santa and also his reindeer, you can track employee efficiency along with organization logistics with a comparable one.

If you run a human resources group or manage a couple of employees, this control panel can assist you map their capabilities. It additionally enables you to assign obligations to employees successfully by combining their toughness with organization requirements.

This control panel even more takes a look at efficiency monitoring in contrast to organization targets and also objectives, permitting you to track modifications and also redeploy your labor force as necessary.

Finally, the Xmas motif is an instance of the personalization choices on SAS.

What This Control Panel Does

Efficiency monitoring is the name of the race with this control panel. Utilizing it, you will certainly have the ability to track performance-related information factors like:

  • A bar chart for the variety of manufacturing playthings, set up by groups.
  • A pie graph contrasting the number of wonderful and also mischievous young boys and also ladies will certainly obtain a plaything.
  • A map for the fastest method to provide the playthings.
  • One more bar chart contrasting the reindeer labor force.

By analyzing details from each panel, the viewers can establish which option is best for addressing a specific issue.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • human resources supervisors can utilize it to make enlightened referrals concerning personnel obligations.
  • Aids supervisors keep versatile control of the labor force.

7. Meteorite Landing Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Right here is an additional one with a comparable layout as the Volcanic Eruptions control panel talked about previously. Like that a person, this control panel is for presenting uncommon comparable occasions around the world.

The map is the main visualization component, incorporating with various other approaches like bar graphes, line charts, and also contextual messages.

Nonetheless, unlike the Eruptions control panel, this makes use of smaller sized dots to stand for information factors on the map, permitting it to load even more information right into the very same area. It makes it a helpful control panel for examining information of any kind of dimension.

What This Control Panel Does

It enables you to picture every occasion worldwide on a solitary web page. You can see the place and also accessibility added details concerning every one by choosing them.

With bench graph, you can additionally see the courses of constant meteorite touchdowns and also where they took place.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Enables you to existing international details in a streamlined and also trendy fashion.

8. Speed Dating Study Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Despite the fact that it may be concerning rate dating, this is an additional excellent instance of just how much details you can load right into a SAS control panel.

The developer developed this as component of an anticipating design for tourist attraction in between 2 individuals making use of numerous information factors from a research.

A control panel such as this does not simply existing details in an absorbable fashion, yet it works as a channel in between truths and also knowledge. Laying all the pertinent details out such as this enables you to recognize elements driving a repeating outcome.

What This Control Panel Does

The most significant objective of this control panel is to reveal the viewers as much details as feasible. It does this by taking advantage of a bar graph, line chart, column graph, treemap, and also heatmap.

With each visualization component, you can:

  • Track the leading individuals in the research study by occupation, discipline, and also sex.
  • See the number of days they took place and also why.
  • See just how frequently the individuals took place days, and so on

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Existing multidimensional details in a streamlined fashion.
  • Anticipate the most likely outcome of future days.

9. Network Performance Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Client fulfillment is indispensable to any kind of effective organization, specifically those in the solution sector. This control panel is a wonderful method to existing pertinent details to customer support workers that assists them settle client concerns.

In this instance, the solution is a telecommunications business. It tracks the technological requirements of the client’s gadget and also reveals the network’s efficiency on their gadget.

This SAS control panel is an example of recording intricate technological information and also providing it in absorbable kind to laymans.

What This Control Panel Does

This control panel is everything about client gadget accounts. It discloses information such as the supplier, design, and also OS variation.

There is additionally a bar graph contrasting the network rate based upon various groups to establish substantial distinctions.

Additionally down the control panel, the viewers can track the cities the client has actually checked out and also the cell towers they have actually linked to just recently.

It additionally has actually installed control panels in subtabs disclosing added details concerning client habits, network rate, and also solution.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Client service staff member are much better educated to suggest remedies to individuals.

10. Water Quality and Consumption Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

This control panel is for utility supervisors to track the top quality of water and also the usage price in a neighborhood. They can utilize it to find out wastefulness and also manage the top quality of water offered to customers.

It additionally has below boards. Instead of congestion the web page, each information group obtains sufficient focus and also thorough evaluation with visualization aspects and also informative messages.

What This Control Panel Does

It is an interactive control panel that makes use of a mix of maps, informative messages, and also bar and also line charts to existing details.

  • With the map, the viewers can see the residential or commercial properties eating one of the most water.
  • There is additionally a line chart to reveal usage with time.

Additionally, the whole control panel makes use of 3 major visualization aspects– maps, bar, and also line charts. It adjusts these aspects in every evaluation, developing an uniformity that makes the control panel acquainted to a visitor.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Track the top quality of water eaten by homeowners.
  • Screen usage price with time for appropriate preparation.

11. Warranty Analysis Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Service warranties can be a significant money-loser for services. A control panel such as this enables proprietors and also item supervisors to track the labor and also product price of meeting them.

Experts can utilize it to track one of the most damaged components and also suggest modifications in manufacturing.

While this was created a car business, developing and also making use of a control panel such as this allows you to find out cash losers for any kind of organization with time.

What This Control Panel Does

The summary web page reveals a recap of the information went into to develop the control panel. It reveals the overall insurance claims made by consumers, the price in labor, components, and also the service warranty worth.

It additionally makes use of a bubble chart to reveal the modification in labor price and also a split bar graph to contrast gross product, labor, and also added quantities.

In various other tabs, the control panel makes use of indications and also line charts for added price and also labor evaluation.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Aids design and also item style groups track top quality and also boost producing procedures.
  • Supplies details for proprietors and also execs to design cost-saving actions.

12. Banking & Risk Analysis Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

This control panel proceeds the pattern of making use of sub-boards to suit added visualizations. It is a threat evaluation details web page for financial authorities and also execs to track the condition of the financial institution.

It covers whatever from resources direct exposure to rival evaluation and also operating revenue. It is a cool method to collect all the pertinent information for source allotment and also make sure the financial institution remains in good condition.

As constantly, this control panel helps various other company or organization entities.

What This Control Panel Does

This control panel largely imagines the web operating revenue of a financial institution by area. You can access summed up details for every location and also pierce down for information such as revenue for every state.

Moreover, a bar chart breaks down the operating revenue by organization systems for every quarter.

There is additionally a table, pie graph, line chart, and also bar chart to assess lent funds, rivals, and also even more pertinent information in the sub-boards.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • The control panel provides a complete summary of the health and wellness of the financial institution.
  • Supplies decision-makers with a bird’s eye sight of the background, existing, and also feasible future of the financial institution.

13. Happiness Analysis Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Among the benefits of SAS is just how much it sustains innovative expression when it pertains to control panel personalizations. This Joy Evaluation control panel is a wonderful instance of this.

It is a solitary, simple-looking web page that incorporates numerous visualization aspects. This instance is outstanding for providing arise from researches and also studies and also helpful if you track information on a worldwide range.

What This Control Panel Does

This Joy Evaluation control panel makes use of maps, tables, a bar chart, and also indications to picture its information.

  • Utilizing the map, you can see the nations with the greatest joy rating.
  • Tables reveal the happiest nations and also their ratings for various groups.
  • A bar chart to watch the joy rating circulation.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Uses a straightforward and also clear analysis of a huge quantity of information.
  • Has an eye-catching style with typical visualization aspects.

14. Retail Insight Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

Companies that relocate a great deal of items and also invest a great deal of advertising cash require to comprehend just how the last is driving sales.

This control panel records this connection in numerous methods, providing the viewers understanding right into item and also advertising efficiency.

Item supervisors and also execs can obtain added details with additional control panels that pierce even more down right into each group.

Additionally, while it is not vivid, the control panel strikes a great spatial equilibrium in between packaging in a great deal of details and also readability.

What This Control Panel Does

The Retail Understanding control panel offers item and also advertising evaluation for a company. It attains this making use of aesthetic aspects like bar graphes, line charts, indications, a map, tables, and also a pie graph.

The control panel additionally has informative message that offers context. With this control panel, a visitor can:

  • Discover the return on advertising cash for items in various divisions.
  • Track the efficiency of each area in the Geographic Performance tab.
  • See the advertising influence on every item.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • Has clear and also easy to understand aesthetic aspects.
  • Can be made use of to boost source allotment and also boost item identification.

15. Season Ticket Analysis Dashboard

15 Finest SAS Control Panel Instances 2022 

The last SAS control panel instance today is this Period Ticket Evaluation Control Panel. It is for business wing of a sporting activities group, although still helpful for occasion supervisors as well.

Creativity-wise, it makes use of a great mix of shade and also visualization aspects to develop an enticing control panel. When it comes to the information, the major web page and also tabs are set up to narrate in a straight order.

Occasion supervisors and also sporting activities execs can make use of a control panel such as this to track ticket costs with time in various groups and also the places of those purchasing them.

What This Control Panel Does

This Period Ticket Evaluation control panel is everything about removing top quality understanding from ticket information. Many thanks to the details, sporting activities group managers can form their prices and also advertising choices in one of the most efficient method feasible.

The control panel completes this with making use of:

  • A color-coded bar graph to contrast rate courses and also track rate development.
  • A map to determine the place of ticket owners.

Key Perks of this Control Panel

  • It is a wonderful method to find out a client base and also remove the most effective worth from it.
  • Rather understandable, and also therefore, can be made use of by much less tech-savvy supervisors.

Why Usage SAS?

SAS meets a number of the top qualities you desire in a qualified organization knowledge device. You can utilize it to accessibility and also assess raw inner or exterior information of any kind of dimension with family member simplicity.

The device additionally includes assistance for projecting, modeling, statics, and also straight programs.

Past that, it has a wonderful, straightforward, and also user-friendly user interface that makes it easily accessible for newbies and also professionals alike. This makes it simpler for firms to embrace.

Finally, the SAS engine is reliable at information handling and also evaluation. Consequently, visualization, specifically of big quantities of information, is quicker.


A control panel is a significant interaction device for sharing examined information concerning a service. It ought to be easy to understand, appealing, and also absorbable in fast little bits. A control panel is meant to make it simpler for companies to obtain surprise understandings right into their business.

These control panel instances are layouts that satisfy these standards and also are examples of what is feasible with SAS.

Do not hesitate to use them as is or change them for your very own evaluation. Eventually, the selection is your own.